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"Haze" gratis für alle "Untitled" Besitzer
Für all diejenigen die das "Untitled" Album besitzen, hat Korn jetzt einen kleinen Bonus, und zwar gibt es den Korn Song "Haze" in höchster Qualität zum kostenlosen Download.

Das einzigste was ihr dafür tun müsst, ist die "Untilted" CD in euer Laufwerk legen und den Anweisungen auf zu folgen.
posted by KoRnFrEaK666 on 27.04.2008
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Video zu *Haze* erschienen!
Korn haben für das im letzten Jahr auf den Markt kommende Videospiel "Haze" auch
ein Video zur gleichnamigen Single am Start.
Nun veröffentlichte der Publisher "Ubisoft" das Video zur Single auf ""
Im Video sieht man Korn den Song live performen, sowie
Ausschnitte aus dem Spiel.

Zudem soll "Haze" nun über Musik-Downloadportale verfügbar sein (iTunes z. B.).
Außerdem findet man die Single auch auf der erweiterten CD-Version von
"Untitled" (,
Hier das Video:
Korn - Haze
posted by BleedTheSky on 23.04.2008
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Jonathan freut sich Zeit mit seiner Familie zu verbringen
Jonathan hat kürzlich in einem Interview gesagt, dass er gerne Zeit mit seiner Familie verbringt und sich während dem Touren ablenken muss, um nicht an sie allzu oft zu denken:

JONATHAN Davis looks like the kind of man that would have passing old women clutching their handbags tightly. The frontman for Korn – one of the biggest metal bands in the world – is the man in black, with tatts down his arms, several brow rings and long dreadlocked hair.

On the end of the phone-line though, is a father of three, sitting in a lonely hotel room in Mexico City, sounding so absolutely shattered with homesickness that I wondered how long the interview would actually last.

I was expecting the hard man. What I got was a thoughtful, down-to-earth, sensitive, softly spoken and gentle type of guy.

Davis is on tour with Korn supporting Ozzy Osbourne, just as the band did in 1995 at the start of their career.

It was that tour that really raised their profile in the United States.

He's politely suffering through another round of interviews and feeling that melancholic ache – missing his three boys, aged one, three and 12.

"I talked to my little boy today and he said 'Daddy come home. I miss you. Daddy come hooooommme!' It's real hard.

"On the road I write constantly different styles of music. In the US I take my little studio along. When I'm in other places I'll go and see the sights and hang out. Just anything to keep my mind off missing my family so bad."

Davis has maintained a gruelling schedule for more than a decade of touring with Korn, and his sideline and solo projects, along with stints of acting and presenting television shows. After these Mexican shows he flies home to Bakersfield, California, for a seven-hour layover, then heads to the other side of the Pacific for Korn's Australian tour.

"I've been constantly touring for 14 years – the longest I've had off in any year is a couple of months. The longest period we've ever had completely off – is maybe, a month, when we come off the road we usually go back into the studio and start writing. So I get to go back home every night but it's still not enough. It's not like 'home' home – where I'm not doing anything. It sucks man but whenever I am home it's 100 per cent them.

"We've been on the road for a whole year. It's been crazy. We're just back from Europe – we had less than two weeks at home, before we came to South America."

The dynamics of the band have changed in recent times too, with original Korn members guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and drummer David Silveria leaving in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

"The biggest impact was on 'Munky' (guitarist James Shaffer) because he was used to writing with Head, they'd bounce ideas around a lot. So that was the biggest change for us. 'Field' (bassist Reginald Arvizu) and I still do what we've always been doing, but now we just get together and write – which is a little different. But we're still having fun man, those guys had to go and that's fine – it's cool."

Davis is happy to be touring with legend and old friend Ozzy Osbourne, who toured Australia earlier this year. "He's an amazing guy. His attitudes about life and everything – Ozzy's just a really cool cat. I respect him immensely.

"When we're on tour I only see him for five or 10 minutes at each show, 'cos he just flies in and out."

Davis vouches for Osbourne's stamina and the quality of the show.

"He's better than ever, dude. I've toured with him so much – and he really does sound the best he's ever sounded."

Despite the insane work hours Davis has no plans to retire to the farm just yet. "I'll be doing it until I'm 60. I'm shooting for Ozzie. I love performing and I love writing."

Davis is amiable, and not impolite, but he sounds distant and preoccupied until he steers the conversation back to talk of his children, then he sounds overwrought – on the verge of tears.

"How do you explain to them what you're doing? They just don't grasp it yet. My 12-year-old knows, he's been through it, but it's the three-year-old now, he's starting to feel it. So I have to go through it all again."

Davis's 12-year-old son is already making his own music. "He sends me songs all the time – it's amazing. He likes playing bass, but then he does stuff on keyboards, programming stuff – he's really getting into it. It's really cool. In a few years my boys'll be grown up and hopefully on the road with me. Maybe in the band – that'd be killer."

Korn wind up the Australian tour playing the Brisbane Riverstage on Tuesday and then break to work on their respective solo projects. They will start writing for a new Korn album later this year.

Vielen Dank an!

Quelle: CourierMail
posted by dita on 17.04.2008
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Neue Live Songs von Jonathan
Jonathan Davis hat exklusiv für "SIRIUS Satellite Radio" fünf Akustik Songs aufgenommen.
Unter dem Namen "SIRIUS presents Octane's Jonathan Davis Acoustic Experience" wird ab Montag, dem 14. April, jeden Tag eines dieser neuen Lieder dort Premiere haben.
Diese Woche, welche Jonathan Davis gewidmet sein wird, endet mit einem Wochenende voller Musik von Jonathan - mit und ohne Korn. Es werden Live Tracks und selten gehörte Songs von allen Alben gespielt.

Vielen Dank an
posted by dita on 12.04.2008
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The Very Best Of Korn
Am 29.April wird durch Epic/Legacy ein Neues Best Of Album mit dem Namen "Playlist: The Very Best Of Korn" veröffentlicht. Bei kann man die CD für $12,49 vorbestellen. Bei Walmart für $6,88.

Weitere Details sind noch nicht bekannt.

posted by KoRnFrEaK666 on 09.04.2008
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Update der AIP Tourdates
Auf wurden nun die Tourdaten der bevorstehenden Solo Tour von Jonathan Davis aktualisiert.

28.05.2008 Luxembourg - Rockhal
29.05.2008 Brussels, Belgium - VK Club
30.05.2008 Holland - Pinkpop Festival Tent
31.05.2008 Bochum, Germany - Zeche
01.06.2008 Paris, France - Bataclan
03.06.2008 Leipzig, Germany - Werk II
04.06.2008 Warsaw, Poland - Stodola
05.06.2008 Berlin, Germany - Columbia Halle Club
07.06.2008 Nürburgring, Germany - Rock Am Ring
08.06.2008 Nurnberg, Germany - Rock Im Park
09.06.2008 Zurich, Switzerland - Rohstoflagr
11.06.2008 Piacenza - Filamore
12.06.2008 Montegliano-Udine - Festintente (N.E. Italy)
13.06.2008 Vienna, Austria - Nova Rock Festival
15.06.2008 UK - Download Festival Tent
16.06.2008 London, UK - Union Chapel
posted by KoRnFrEaK666 on 05.04.2008
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